DallasGiveCamp 2017: Friday Night

Badges & Backpacks is excited to present our professionally designed website, compliments of our team from Dallas Give Camp 2017!

Since the beginning we have struggled to design a website that is professional, easy to navigate and convey our mission / vision. We struggled to raise funds for an Inaugural Expedition in 2017 and discussed what some goals could be in Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 that could help us raise awareness of our organization and bring in funding for first responders who want to participate in an expedition. In the discussion from the July Board of Directors Meeting we all left with these main goals: (a) update the website, (b) update the branding, and (c) market.

Our newest Board Member, Ronke Onibudo, sought out the Dallas Give Camp grant. The grant would allow us to work with a team that would design a website we would be excited to show off to potential participants and donors. We learned we were awarded the grant in August and began brainstorming ideas that we would like to see on the website. As the weekend approached, I began to get more and more overwhelmed with what the work weekend would entail. I ate my lunch / dinner (I should say my 1st dinner of the night) with my family in Dallas prior to signing into Dallas Give Camp 2017. I remember thinking, “I am not looking forward to staying up until 11:00 pm after a 3 hour drive from Norman, OK.” Within 30 minutes of being at Dallas Give Camp, my mind was changed.

No. 1: I ate a 2nd dinner as soon as I got there. LOL. It was delicious and there was fudge. FUDGE…AND IT WASN’T EVEN CHRISTMAS TIME! (I love fudge so this was very exciting for me.)

No. 2: Ronke and I met our Dallas Give Camp team. Bill White, Brian Cumberledge, David Dvir Adler, Denis O’Neil, Jennifer Huang, Marta Soncodi, Shannon Warren and Shawn Weisfeld, were amazing! A good portion of Friday night was discussing what a first responder who would participate in our program would be going through when they visited our site, how they may feel, and what types of questions they may have about our programs. I think this basic understanding really helped to drive the entire feel of the website. We discussed the branding colors and the basic layout of the Home Page.

No. 3: I got to hang out with Ronke. We’ve been friends since middle school (Go Bussey Owlets!) and now she is on our Board of Directors. We were working, talking, laughing. All in all a great time!

When we left (a little after 10:30 pm) I felt like we had a good plan to conquer all the tasks we needed for the next day. I knew it was going to be a long day. After all, building a website from scratch isn’t an easy task, even with multiple designers. I felt confident that our team was up to the challenge and we would leave the weekend with a finished website. As I went up to my hotel room I was energized and excited to start Saturday.

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