The Adventure Expedition (Coming soon…)

The Badges and Backpacks’ Adventure Expedition is a semi-custom adventure designed in cooperation with a 3rd party tour company. Participants will spend up to 15 days visiting National Parks, hiking trails, camping, observing wildlife, and exploring new places while experiencing a life-changing adventure. The Adventure Expedition is part road trip and part excursion. Participants will have the opportunity to fully embrace nature and witness the beautiful healing powers it offers.

Although not all Adventure Expeditions will have the same itinerary, they will all provide an opportunity for participants to “step off the streets” and into nature.

At the conclusion of the Adventure Expedition applicants will be encouraged to share their experience of the trail with other first responders. Our ultimate goal would be for participants to understand the importance of decompressing from their stressful positions and to have the tools to continue using nature therapy as a method to cope with ASD and PTSD.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

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